Hi! 👋🏼

This is my first blog post and, while it’s taken me a bit of time to connect the dots leading me to interiors, I’m feeling pretty excited to share my lens to the design world with you.


I’m going to try to keep these guys short & sweet. So getting right to it, I’ll be writing about things like:

  • Design inspiration
    from residential & commercial interiors to fashion and packaging
  • Styling tips for your home
    think: scale of artwork, how to style a bookcase, where to save/splurge and my favourite ways to bring colour and pattern into the home
  • Roundups of my favourite things
    like paint colours, accent chairs, ceramics, etc. etc.
  • How-to’s and some of my own DIYs
    IKEA hacks, making something from nothing, and all that good stuff
  • How to minimize in a practical, fun away (I fall somewhere in-between on the spectrum of minimalism vs. maximalimism)
    tips on downsizing, making small spaces work, and noteworthy multifunctional pieces - because I dream of one day building my own tiny home getaway
  • Global places & spaces
    destinations I’m dying to see and inspiration from around the globe

I’ve honed my taste by experimenting pretty heavily with fashion (meaning when I was younger I made some very unfortunate outfit choices — think white and blue high-top stiletto “hiking?” boots and full colour real-life-looking-fish printed tights) — but I’m incredibly fortunate that my parents let me push the boundaries and develop my own sense of style, which has had a huge influence on my work. My style has evolved, matured, and become both more practical and artistic, and naturally more expensive - but because I have champagne taste on a house-wine budget, I’m trying to combat this with creativity and resourcefulness! I’ve learned that limitations and challenges (like budgets) can be a powerful fuel for creativity and that the end result is often much more interesting because of it. And I believe it’s important to keep a sense of humour in life and in design. I love quirky, high-low spaces with no shortage of texture, depth, and character. Like a carefully handmade piece of art for your love, with enough imperfections to make everything feel more real, raw, and beautiful. 

Thank you so, so much for taking the time to follow along on this journey of mine. I’d love to hear from you!


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