Gift wrapping

The holidays are in force force and for those who haven’t wrapped up their gifts just yet, some of my favourite gift wrapping ideas are below.


My favourite method and what Marie Kondo dubs the ultimate example of minimalism in Japanese aesthetics. The gift wrap itself is reusable, making it a sustainable option and one that textile-loving friends will appreciate. Try it with a thrifted scarf, a tea towel, or fabric that can be used by those who love to sew. You can also buy them at places like Dans le Sac.

In addition to gifts, you can also use this method to wrap lunches, bottles of wine, protect and group delicates in your suitcase. You can get a full how-to on the Kon Mari blog.

Brown kraft paper

The Tare Shop is giving away their delivery paper for free to use as gift wrap! Pair with twine and flowers or greenery, tassels, fun photos, an unexpected toy, or splattered paint. Here are several ways to try it:

Origami Envelopes

A simple tutorial for an envelope that opens up like a box, useful for wrapping small flat items, like notebooks, book. The DIY shown here works for parcels up to half a centimetre thick without problems.

Drawstring Pouches

Another reusable option! My mom makes these every year and they work so well when traveling and for storing anything really. Plus you can use any type of fabric. Here’s one DIY from A Cup of Thuy and another from Martha Stewart.


A tried and true option that can be used with comics, old maps, and magazines, too.

Via  Pinterest

Hand Stamped Paper

You can do this with brown kraft paper (above) or old paper you have on hand. Potato stamps are a great way to make your own.

Shredded Paper

Perfect for lining boxes and bags, we often shred magazine pages, newspaper, and leftover pages of any kind. It can be reused for future gifts or recycled after!

Via  Etsy

Via Etsy

Reused gift bags and paper

This is my family’s go-to. Growing up my sister was always super particular with the way she unwrapped her gifts and insisted we take our time removing tape and save as much as possible to reuse. Safe to say we don’t buy wrapping paper very often, and gift bags are extra easy to reuse! My bestie gifted me something with this paper and you can bet I’m saving it for future use.

Happy holidays!

Maia LaPierre